Who We Are

Circuit Energy Limited is an engineering company that focuses on the assembly, sales, installation, and maintenance of not only diesel generators but also petrol generators, natural gas generators, biogas generators, dual-fuel generators, sound, and waterproof canopy, power stabilizers, and Automatic Transfer Switch Panels.

Established in 2014, we offer 24-hour home, office, and industrial electrical faults maintenance service. We have a team of passionate and experienced engineers to help our clients have greater peace of mind. We take pride in the business success of our clients and work tirelessly with them to craft solutions that best fit their needs. Apart from understanding that finding solutions to the most pressing installation and maintenance challenges, Circuit Energy Limited strives to bridge the gap by marketing and distributing Fuel products, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Generator spares, Low voltage electrical accessories, computers, and gadgets.

Principles of Our Work


To provide the best electrical solutions for our clients through QUALITY, VALUE, and SERVICE.


To Create Connections that Empower People


Creating connection. Empower people.


Electrical Maintenance and Supply
Petroleum Products
Computers and Gadgets


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